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Build A Better Discord Server – Interactivity

After reading some posts on Twitter, I noticed that many streamers come across this problem with their Discord server. They create their discord server and build up their community through streaming but as time goes on their discord loses all activity. They are left to ask themselves where do they go from here.

It’s important to understand that if you are going to start a Discord server that you need to invest as much into the server just like streaming. You need to show the people that join your server that there is value in being active. You need to design your Discord server to not just be a place for your friends and community to chat and talk but also be designed to give people something to do to allow everyone to get to know each other. The value of any great Discord server is to know that there is a community.

To help you build up, or rebuild your Discord server, here are a three channels for your community to be active on your server and interact with each other.

Let people share their talent with you!

Creative Channels

Everyone has their talents, so why not give your community a place to share their talents with each other? Creating a dedicated channel for people to share their creations, talk about each other’s art, and post their commission info can give your community a place to constantly be active with each other. Many artists will often create art or content about the streamer or the games they are playing so give your artists a place to share their creations.

Take the time before you create any dedicated creative channel to set guidelines for your community as well as rules for your moderators to enforce. A positive guideline to set is if you will allow or restrict NSFW content on your Discord server. Setting the limit early on ensures creators will know the limits of what’s allowed and not allowed.

Remember to let the creative channel be about people sharing their creations with each other. The goal is to let people who create art, music, videos and anything else to share their talents to their peers.

Google Forms is your friend for sharing community content!

Community Content Channels

Passionate about a game that just came out that lets your community create their own levels? Don’t just hog all the levels that your community created for yourself! Share them with your community and let them play each other’s content.

For example, if you stream a lot of Super Mario Maker 2, create a google form for community to submit their own levels but also on a dedicated channel post the form and spreadsheet for your community to try out each other’s levels.

Google Forms and Sheets are useful tools to for any game that allows people to create levels or mods. Even if you’ve moved on from a game, your community will always have a place to share their creations and try each others levels because you’ve created a place for them to share their passion for that game with everyone else.

Hobby Channels

The goal is to always offer your community a place to talk and share with each other what they like and don’t like. Dedicated channels towards hobbies that you are passionate about like music, television, and sports for example lets people get to know each other even when you aren’t streaming.

Sharing songs or the talking about unknown video games create opportunities for people to learn more about each other’s passion and interests.

So take the time to design your Discord server that allows your community to not only have the chance to interact with you, but also interact with each other every time they log on.