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TwitchCon: Day 0

Twitchcon Day 0 is over and while there wasn’t too much to do in terms of events, one of the best things about Day 0 is that you get a chance to meet people you never expect to see.

Before that, acquiring your badge was quick and easy regardless if you were a Twitch partner, affiliate, vendor, or community member. What stood out however was the number of attendees that had the Affiliate badge. What makes this interesting is that TwitchCon originally looked like they were going to try and become a fan convention for people who love streamers. With the sheer number of Twitch Affiliates attending, indirectly TwitchCon has become a conference where anyone interested in learning how to stream or take their business to the next level can learn more about the industry. I’ll be sure to report what the show floor has tomorrow to see how much TwitchCon has become a conference as well as a fan convention.

The swag given by TwitchCon was also really good. While the Magic the Gathering starter deck, pins, starburst candies, and a 100 twitch bits voucher. The best swag they gave was the G-Fuel shaker cup. While I don’t personally use energy drinks, the shaker cup that G-fuel handed out at TwitchCon 2017 is easily one of the best items given that I still personally use to this day.

The best part about Day 0 is being able to meet people from all parts of the industry. Day 0 was great being able to meet people like Brossentia and LiamSixx and go out to dinner with them and get to know the person behind the streamer. Even walking through the streets of San Diego, all sorts of people from all walks of life and parts of the industry are open to talk to anyone about the convention or what role they have in the industry.

Day 0 has already made TwitchCon a worthwhile trip and I look forward to report all about the panels, events, and people that will be there for the official start of TwitchCon.