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TwitchCon: Opening Ceremony

Day 1 of TwitchCon ends with the aptly named Opening Ceremony. While I wasn’t able to watch the ceremony in person, Twitch announced changes to their site that will affect everyone from the streamers to the viewers. Here is a quick rundown on each of the changes in no particular order.

Mod View

There was only one update for moderators but it’s an interesting one. Now people who are given the moderator role will be able to access an exclusive page that will operate like the Twitch Dashboard. Mod tools can be moved around and adjusted on the page, and moderators can view each viewers chat history to make determinations should they need to delete the message time out or ban a viewer.

A very important step forward for moderators as effective moderation often now requires using multiple tools that require accessing multiple websites such as accessing exclusive messages from individual users.

Advertisement Changes

Advertisements was oddly enough one of the bigger announcements for TwitchCon’s opening Ceremony in terms of changes for the business of streaming. Here is quick list of the changes that will be happening with ads.

  • No ads on affiliate and partnered channels
  • Volume on ads will be normalized in line with channel audio
  • Affiliates can now earn ad-revenue
  • Affiliates and Partners can disable pre-roll ads on their channels
  • Affiliates and Partners will now how much they will make when playing ads on their channel
  • Picture in Picture will activate when ads play on stream letting viewers to keep watching stream while ads play.

Subscription on iOS

Twitch finally found a way to let people who watch Twitch using iOS to let viewers subscribe on their mobile devices.

Channel Points

Viewers will soon be able to earn channel points by watching partnered and affiliate streams. The one benefit that was demonstrated was being able to unlock emotes for 24 hours and other customization rewards set by the streamer. Signups are currently available at https://www.twitch.tv/beta/channelpoints

Twitch Studio

Twitch is currently developing Twitch Studio, a streaming application like OBS, Xsplit, and other streaming applications. The application is currently in closed beta that will enable more people to be able to stream. Not too many details were shown during the ceremony but there will be a dedicated panel towards Twitch studio. So expect more details soon.

New Channel Pages

TwitchCon 2019’s theme is giving Twitch a facelift. More than just the logos and fonts but also the channel pages. Soon Twitch channels will now allow streamers to post their own trailer page, description of themselves and content, and posting a schedule so viewers know what your channel is about rather than seeing what is being streamed when the stream goes live or using panels to post the schedule.

While none of these changes are game changers compared to previous TwitchCon announcements, they are certainly quality of life improvements that benefit both streamers and viewers in a market place where live streaming is becoming a competitive market.