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Category: Twitch

TwitchCon: Opening Ceremony

Day 1 of TwitchCon ends with the aptly named Opening Ceremony. While I wasn’t able to watch the ceremony in person, Twitch announced changes to their site that will affect everyone from the streamers to the viewers. Here is a quick rundown on each of the changes in no particular order. Mod View There was […]

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TwitchCon: Day 0

Twitchcon Day 0 is over and while there wasn’t too much to do in terms of events, one of the best things about Day 0 is that you get a chance to meet people you never expect to see. Before that, acquiring your badge was quick and easy regardless if you were a Twitch partner, […]

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Be A Better Mod – Twitch Mod Tool Settings

Twitch has come a long way to support streamers and moderators to better manage viewers actions. But to be a better moderator, it’s important to know the fundamental tools that Twitch provides you to personalize how you view chat to become an effective moderator. These tools are overlooked compared to typing commands in chat or […]

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